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New Style Metroplitan Line Trains


Courtesy of Transport for LondonThe current (old, A Stock) Metropolitan line trains have been running for over 40 years and are nearing (or some say have passed) the end of their lives.  As such new Metropolitan line trains (S Stock) are being built by Bombardier, and some have now started to run along the line as far into London as Baker Street.   The current aim is for all the A Stock to have been replaced by S Stock trains by the end of 2012.  However some of the new trains are having teething troubles, e.g. automatic doors not opening, so this deadline could slip.



Courtesy of Transport for LondonAs with other new trains coming into service, the poles/handrails will no longer co-ordinate with the 'colour' of the tube line (i.e. the Metropolitan line used to have magenta poles) – they will now all be yellow, so as to be an easier colour for visually impaired customers to be able to see.



The advantages of these new style trains over the current/old types of trains are:


  • A faster and more frequent service (once the signalling system has been modernised…see below)
  • Air conditioning
  • Walk-through carriages with wheelchair and pushchair spaces
  • Able to carry a far greater number of passengers (about 27%)
  • CCTV
  • Better audio and visual information for passengers


  • The new signals will not be working before at least 2018, so service frequency is still the same at present
  • Far fewer seats (about 30% less)
  • Less comfortable seats – less cushioning and many of them are 'tip-up' style

The contract for a new signalling system, that will enable the times of the next expected trains to be shown on the platform station dot matrix signs north of Harrow on the Hill station, has still not been placed.  As this will not now be completed until at least 2018, LU is currently considering a trial of installing monitor screens in station ticket halls to show this information – it is already available on the TFL website for anyone with internet access.

Note:  We have noticed that on the Metropolitan Line departure board, when trains are waiting to depart from Uxbridge, they will show a fixed time of 8 minutes to Ruislip and 9 minutes to Ruislip Manor. This is the journey time only and gives no indication of departure time, so the wait time may be longer than indicated.

Published in London Underground on 04 April 2011.
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