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Transport for London fare rises January 2015

Transport for London tube, rail and bus fares rose on 2nd January 2015, but there is a better deal for people who work part-time or unpredictable hours. The daily cap on Oyster Pay As You Go is now one fifth the cost of a seven day travelcard.

However, people from outer London, such as Uxbridge and Kingston, and who start their journey after 9.30am now face significantly higher fares when using Oyster Pay as you go.

Bus users’ fares have risen by five pence and the application fee for the 16+, 18+ and 60+ Oyster concession photocard will increase from £10 to £20 from 1 June 2015.

Click here to find out more from the Transport for London website

Published in Public Transport on 05 January 2015.
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