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One of Ruislip Residents’ Association’s concerns is to continue to ensure good shopping facilities in the area, especially with regard to Ruislip High Street and Ruislip Manor.  To this end, we work closely with local organisations, particularly Ruislip Chamber of Commerce (www. and Ruislip Manor Chamber of Commerce.

After the major improvement to the shopping area in Victoria Road it is good to see new shops arriving, extending the range of outlets available to local residents.  The Christmas lights are always a pleasure, giving an incentive to continue shopping into late afternoon and brightening the dark evenings when local people are visiting local restaurants.
Published on 04 January 2016

The Ruislip Manor Fun Day is planned for 4th July 2015 from 11am to 5pm.  It is always a splendid event with attractions for all ages.  The local shopkeepers pull out all the stops to give people a good time - lots to see, lots of scrumptious food to sample, and lots of things to do, plus music, stalls, fairground items for the children and a wonderful atmosphere for everyone!  

Published on 06 May 2015

The improvements to the Victoria Road retail area are completed - at last!  The work went on for months, but the outcome was worth all the inconvenience it caused.

Victoria Road    The railway bridge    New seating

From the traffic lights near Ruislip Manor station to the roundabout with Cornwall Road, the Victoria Road pavements have been completely renewed - and are a joy to behold.   Lighting has been replaced too and numerous trees planted - all to the benefit of local people.  New seats on the wide pavements allow shoppers to take a rest.   There is substantial parking for cars, with room for wide vehicles to pass each other without causing a traffic jam.  The railway bridge has been painted and now bears a sign announcing proudly that this is "RUISLIP MANOR".   A fortune has been spent, for which thanks are due to the Mayor of London's Fund and Hillingdon Council.

Simultaneously, Victoria Road has been resurfaced  throughout and beyond the retail area, and a matched fund scheme has led to many shopfronts being renewed and modernised. Local residents can now be proud of where they live!

A scheme of this size is never without problems, particularly the issue of precisely where the improvements start and stop.   Pavements have been updated to the traffic lights.  However,  shops between the railway bridge and the traffic lights were not included in the shopfront scheme, to the chagrin of long established retailers, themselves excluded, who saw newcomers a few doors away benefit hugely.  At the roundabout end of Victoria Road, there was no benefit to either the shopkeepers or the pavements.  In contrast, at the crossroads in the retail area, pavements have been replaced in Southbourne Gardens in front of the library and trees planted, and similar improvements have extended into Shenley Avenue in front of Shenley Park.  It is impossible to please everyone all the time, but we sympathise with all those who lie  just outside the limits of this major undertaking.
Published on 11 May 2014


Where to park the car seems a common problem whenever one goes shopping, but there are other common concerns:
  • Too many empty shops - even more shops will be empty if local people fail to be their customers!
  • Too many charity shops - usually because too few people are willing take the risk of setting up a business in financially hard times.
  • Too many fast food outlets - they meet a demand, so someone wants them!
  • Not enough banks - we would all love more branches
What would you like to us to press for to make local shopping a better experience for you?  Click on the link below and send us an email telling us what you would like to see.  More flowers, perhaps on lamp-posts?  Narrower pavements and more parking?  Lower curbs / better ramps for disabled drivers?  We will analyse all responses and use them to guide our activities, but please forgive us for not acknowledging individual emails. 

Some of our other web pages address even more general concerns, such as pollution and litter - and also some welcome improvements, such as the major work in Victoria Road Ruislip Manor.  We are active in many directions!

Whatever your concerns, please let us know.  

Click on the Envelope at the bottom of this page to send an email  to the chairman .... 

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