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Common concerns in retail areas


Where to park the car seems a common problem whenever one goes shopping, but there are other common concerns:
  • Too many empty shops - even more shops will be empty if local people fail to be their customers!
  • Too many charity shops - usually because too few people are willing take the risk of setting up a business in financially hard times.
  • Too many fast food outlets - they meet a demand, so someone wants them!
  • Not enough banks - we would all love more branches
What would you like to us to press for to make local shopping a better experience for you?  Click on the link below and send us an email telling us what you would like to see.  More flowers, perhaps on lamp-posts?  Narrower pavements and more parking?  Lower curbs / better ramps for disabled drivers?  We will analyse all responses and use them to guide our activities, but please forgive us for not acknowledging individual emails. 

Some of our other web pages address even more general concerns, such as pollution and litter - and also some welcome improvements, such as the major work in Victoria Road Ruislip Manor.  We are active in many directions!

Whatever your concerns, please let us know.  

Click on the Envelope at the bottom of this page to send an email  to the chairman .... 

(Page last reviewed 3rd December 2014)

Published in Retail Areas on 14 March 2011. Updated on 03 December 2014
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