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Traffic and Parking

The Association often becomes involved with traffic and parking problems, either at the request of members or from direct discussion with Council officers.   Ruislip is a very congested traffic area and there are severe limits on what improvements can be made.   The number of dwellings in the wider area is increasing rapidly, which can only exacerbate the problem.

The London Councils website has much useful information on parking at this page

The Pegasus crossing at the top of Ducks Hill will help both horses and pedestrians to cross a busy main road with poor visibility.   Work started on the crossing in February and was completed early in November.   Please let us have your comments.
First published on 09 March 2011.  Last updated on 08 November 2011

The pedestrian crossing in Eastcote Road, at the junction of St. Martins Approach, has not been safe for some time, with vehicles continuing across with pedestrians in the middle of the road.  In an effort to improve safety, the Zebrite system has been installed.  The bright halo effect should have made the crossing more conspicuous, but there have still been a number of near misses.  The Council is investigating.
First published on 09 March 2011.  Last updated on 08 November 2011
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