Ruislip Residents' Association

Eastcote Road/Windmill Hill junction

The Council have completed work on a Local Safety Scheme at the roundabout at the junction of Eastcote Road, Kings College Road and Windmill Hill, Ruislip.

The work, as shown on the  attached drawing , included the following measures:-

• A new raised central dome with an outer ring of red surfacing to help improve
visibility of the roundabout
• New signs with yellow backing on all approaches to help improve visibility of the
• Wider refuge islands to provide deflection and help moderate vehicle speeds
• Proposed footway resurfacing and tactile paving to improve pedestrian safety

Since completion we have received a number of comments, mostly adverse, which we will discuss with the Council.

Published in Traffic and Parking on 10 November 2011. Updated on 23 October 2012
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