Ruislip Residents' Association


Maintenance checks to the road surface in the high street have revealed that remedial works are necessary and these works will take several weeks.

These road improvements are scheduled to begin on Monday 16 March and not be completed until Friday 15 May. A one way traffic system will be set up but inevitably there will be congestion and and delays, so give yourselves plenty of time for your travel plans.

Plan for diversions 16th March - 20th April (approx):-   Ruislip_High_Street_Roadworks_Phases_12__3.pdf 

Plan for diversions 20th April - 15th May (or later):-     Ruislip_High_Street_Roadworks_Phases_45__6.pdf 

Detail plan of phased works on the High Street:-         Ruislip_High_Street_Roadworks_Phases_Key.pdf

Published in Traffic and Parking on 27 January 2015. Updated on 18 March 2015
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